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A good faith effort has been made to make the information contained in this site accurate and complete.  However, there is the possibility of misstatements and misinterpretations.  If errors are found, they will be corrected immediately.  The information contained in this site is only the first step toward a formal agreement. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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Please Contact Us to buy, lease or invest in the technology to measure current as described in this site.  Additional development is required and the amount of time and cost involved depends on the expertise and resources devoted to accomplishing that goal.  Please see our request for proposal for more information.


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Gov Bob Holder (L) & Jeremy Guardado Technologies


Rick Stockum

Messerstrom was founded in 2006 by Jeremy Guardado to serve the Electrical Power Industry with a wide variety of products and services.  He is willing and able to take on large projects such as the construction of 600 MVAR capacitor bank or repair a damaged circuit board from an impulse measuring system.  He has a large inventory of testing equipment including high voltage test sets, impulse generators, power transformers, measurement standards and instrument calibration equipment.  His world wide connections with the technical experts allows him to help solve problems very quickly and often with no compensation.

How It Got Started

115-kV HVCT