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A good faith effort has been made to make the information contained in this site accurate and complete.  However, there is the possibility of misstatements and misinterpretations.  If errors are found, they will be corrected immediately.  The information contained in this site is only the first step toward a formal agreement. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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Please Contact Us to buy, lease or invest in the technology to measure current as described in this site.  Additional development is required and the amount of time and cost involved depends on the expertise and resources devoted to accomplishing that goal.  Please see our request for proposal for more information.


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What We Can Do For You

What You Can Do For Us

We will work with you to make a smooth transitions from where we leave off to where you take over. Design tools such as finite element and circuit simulation programs can be installed at your facility and any training you may need will be readily available.  All of this at no added cost to you.  If it is better to have the development continue at Messerstrom, that can be arranged. Our expertise in electrical testing will be available anytime it would be useful.  Messerstrom has a huge inventory of test equipment that can be purchased, leased or borrowed at your request.  Please see the list of available equipment.

Our primary objective is to provide current measuring instruments to the electrical power industry that do not have the limits inherent in current transformers.  We prefer to establish a business relationship with an engineering oriented firm that has the ability to design and test high quality electrical equipment.  Alternatively, investors could provide the financial support needed to allow Messerstrom to complete the development work and produce a line of high voltage instruments for the electrical power industry.

Messwandier-Bau NJ0.5,a Standard Current Transformer accy: ±0.0005% and ±0.5 Min